'Alexa, ask Physiodiary to...'

Physiodiary is fully integrated with Amazon's Alexa so you can to say things like...

'What's my day looking like?'

Alexa will tell you how many appointments you have and what the start and finish times of your day are.

'Send a reminder to my 1:00 Appointment'

Alexa will tell you who your appointment is with and then offer to send a reminder text to the Patient.

'List my Appointments'

Alexa will dictate a list of your appointments and send them to the Alexa app on your mobile phone.

'Book an Appointment'

Alexa will ask you for the date, time and Patient and then book the appointment for you. She will then send a confirmation to the Alexa app on your mobile phone.

'Add a new Patient to my list'

Alexa will will you through adding a new Patient to your Patient list.

'When am I free'

Alexa will tell you your next free appointment and send a list of other free appointments to your phone.

'Who's' next'

Alexa will dictate your next appointment to you.

'Who have I got at 1:00'

Alexa will repeat your 1:00 appointment details to you.

'Who's waiting'

Alexa will tell you how many patients are on your waiting list and read the first one out to you. A full list will be sent to your mobile phone.

'What can I say'

Alexa will read out a full list of command that are available through speach.

'Get me a phone number' or 'Get me an email address'

Alexa will ask you for a name and then search for a phone number or email address in your Patient list and Staff list send the results to your mobile phone.

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