Frequently asked questions

If you can't find the answer to you question here please use the form below, we will get back to you as quickly as possible, certainly within 24 hours.

It takes no more that 2-3 mins to create you very own Physiodiary. You can fully configure it to your exact needs later if you wish. The enrolment requires a few very simple questions like your name and email address etc - that's all - no Credit Card required.

Up to 28 days - during that period you will have full use of your Physiodiary, nothing is restricted. If you choose to send lots of texts (more than the 50 we give you for free) you will have to buy more but these are purely optional and are not expensive.

 Shortly before the end of the trial we will invite you (by email) to subscribe. You are under no obligations whatsoever to do so and, if you choose not to, we won't badger you but you will no longer be able to access your Physiodiary. Your data will be kept for a further 28 days (just in case you change your mind). After that time you data will be deleted.

Payments are taken by Credit Card on a monthly basis - you can upgrade, downgrade or cancel you subscription at any time for any reason. You don't even need to contact us to do that; just select the required option from the 'My Account' dialog. If you do cancel we won't badger you with feedback forms etc. If you would prefer to pay by Direct Debit, just let us know and we can set that up for you.

It's about as safe as you can get - we use SSL connections (HTTPS) throughout which is just the same as what the banks use. The data is held in a secure data centre and backed-up three times a day!. In the five years that Physiodiary has been operating not one single day has been lost through unscheduled downtime!

Physiodiary is almost fully configurable to suit your practice so it is suitable for Physiotherapists, Chiropractors, Osteopaths in fact, it can be configured for almost all health professionals. A version also exists specifically for use by Personal Trainers - please contact us for further information.

Yes you can! Physiodiary includes a powerful API which will allow your website designer to integrate on-line booking directly into Physiodiary. Please use the form below to request further information.

Yes there is! You can download it from the Google PlayStore (for Android) or Apple Appstore (for iPhone) - just type 'Physiodiary' in the search field- it works seamlessly with your desktop version (and it's free!). Physiodiary also works with Amazon Alexa! search for 'Physiodiary' in the Alexa mobile app.

If you have forgotten your Password please use the Password reset facility here. If you have forgotten your Username please use the contact form below to give us details of your account (include the name you used, the name of the Diary and your email address etc) - if we can locate your account we will send a reset link to the email address listed on that account.

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