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Let us take the work out of your website

Building and maintaining your own website can be a daunting and expensive activity. Let us take care of it for you. We can handle every aspect of the design and implementation without you having to worry.
All for a simple monthly fee of just £25
with no up-front costs..



All you have to do is to provide us with text and images and we will do the rest. If you already have a website, with your permission, we can get the text and images from there.



We build your website using the very latest techniques and highly responsive technologies. Your website will look and feel modern, fresh and snappy.


Domain Name

We can help you choose your .co.uk domain name and then register it for you. We handle all of the renewals and take care of all the costs associated with that.


SSL Throughout

We include SSL so your website will employ the same level of encryption the banks use. We handle the configuration and renewal of this.



We host your website on our own highly available servers all housed in UK data centres so you don't have to worry about GDPR data location problems or performance.



We can provide Email with Spam Filtering using your own domain name (john@knotrealphysio.co.uk) for just £5.50/user/month. You can have an unlimited number of aliases as well!


On-line bookings

We can build-in Physiodiary's on-line booking service if you would like - again it's all in the same monthly fee.


Rich Content

Your website can include your own photographs and or stock photograph, testimonials, staff profiles, contact forms, Social Media links, videos etc etc.

Here's how it works

Its really easy to get started - this timeline walks you through the steps



Once your subscription has started we can get to work on your website which will include ordering your domain name and SSL. If you already have a domain name you can choose to transfer it to us so that we can arrange for renewal, you don't have to do this if you don't want to but you will lose out a little as we will not be able to renew the domain name for you.

Send us some media

We then ask you to supply some photographs and text which we can use to build your site. If you already have a site we will ask your permission to use the media from that site (you will need to be the copyright owner of that material). We will use stock photographs where appropriate to improve the overall appearance.

Choose a basic design

We will let you have a look at some basic designs so we can get an idea of the sort of presentation you prefer.


We can then set to work to build your website using the very latest techniques and technologies. We will configure a server to host your website on and will set up your email address/s and configure webmail. You will also be able to use other mail clients such as Outlook or Thunderbird. We will also build the integration with Physiodiary's web booking service if required.


Once it's finished we will let you have a good look before it goes live. You can make any changes you like at this stage.


We will keep your website operating at peek performance. We will renew your domain name and SSL certificates as required. We will make changes to content as and when required - just let us know.

Peace of Mind