Taking reminder texts to a whole new level

We think that Physiodiary offers one of the best texting services in the business with low-cost credits, automatic reminders, automatic covid check.  But with our text service you can actually receive replies to the reminders directly from your patient to your Physiodiary or even directly to your own mobile phone!

Feedback has shown us that patients love our text reminder service

Automatic Reminders

Physiodiary automatically sends a reminder to your patient either on the morning of the appointment or the day before or the day before that (you choose).

Automatic COVID Check

Physiodiary can send a special text to your patient asking them to confirm their COVID status. This is automatically written to their record.

Low cost

Text credits start from just 10p so if you save just missed 1 appointment per year it's probably paid for itself.  Not counting setting the right impression for your customers and patients. 

Receive replies

Unlike other text reminder systems your patient can actually reply to the text.  Patients really love this as they can ask questions or confirm arrival really easily.  You can choose to not receive replies if you prefer. There is no charge for this service.

Forward replies

When you receive a reply to a reminder text it is normally sent to your Physiodiary message centre but it can also/instead be forwarded to your own mobile phone. Your mobile number is not disclosed so it is a great way to keep informed without loss of privacy.  Their is no charge for this service

General and bulk texting

You can send text for any reason, not just for reminders.  You can also send bulk texts - talk to us about this as we will probably be able to offer very favourable terms.

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