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Patient Management System

Physiodiary is a Cloud Service designed to provide a complete on-line Patient management service to all members of the Physiotherapy, Chiropractic and Osteopath professions. It is brilliantly simple to use and provides many powerful features.
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Brilliantly simple to use on any device 

Simple and fast on your Desktop, Laptop, Tablet or Smartphone


All of these testimonials are real comments provided by real users.

“Physiodiary’s ability to be individualised to each practice enables us at ARCphysio to run the company efficiently and with no hassle. From bookings to payment the whole process works seamlessly. It makes life as a small business owner so much simpler. ”

At a glance you can see individual physios’ availability in all the rooms and which patients they are treating. All individual patient information is available at the click of the mouse. Recently a physio rang in sick at 7am, by 7.05am 5 patients had been cancelled by text and the 2 pilates classes were informed using the group text feature. It makes running a practice look slick and professional. The diary is accessible on all IT devices so you can access the diary at home, work or remotely, making that whole work-life balance a little more seamless. We haven’t looked back since using the diary; in fact the diary has been a central feature in the rapid growth of the practice.”

“We are delighted with Physiodiary, I would highly recommend it to anyone. It is so useful for us, with various physios working at the clinic to be able to have remote access at all times is invaluable. The text reminder system has dramatically reduced our DNA rate and the central storage of patient data makes admin much easier."

Powerful Features

So many powerful functions available wherever you are all of the time.
Online Diary, Patient Notes, Medical History, Body charting, Texting, Staff Details, Fee calculation, Payments and much, much more. 

Simple Pricing

Physiodiary's pricing structure is very simple and starts from just £10:00 per month with no long term commitment or contract required and you can use it free for three months.


Physiodiary is ready to use straight from the box but can be customised to suit your practice perfectly.

Desktop and Mobile

Works simultaneously on desktops and mobile devices including Windows, Mac & Linux PCs as well as Android & iOS phones & tablets.

Physiodiary works...

For  you...

Physiodiary is great for you

Physiodiary allows you access to everything you need at any time and on almost any device. 

for  your Patients...

Physiodiary is great for your Patients

Your Patients can receive automatic reminder texts, appointment card texts and receipts so they know where they are,

and for your Practice

Physiodiary is great for your Pratice

Everyone in your practice can see your diary, Reception can book appointments for any Practitioner.  Automatic texting of receipts and appointment cards saves time.

Use Physiodiary on your desktop, mobile, tablet and Alexa.

Physiodiary works on Windows, Linux, Macintosh, Desktops, tablets and smartphones.  Wherever you are, Physiodiary is with you, you can even use Physiodiary through Amazon's Alexa click here for further details.
You can customise it to suit your practice perfectly.  You can modify most settings  with just a few mouse clicks. There is even an API which allows you to integrate your own website with Physiodiary to take on-line bookings click here for further details.

Price List

Physiodiary has a price to suit every size of Practice; and you can use it free for up to three months without any commitment. You won't even need a Credit Card.

Single Practitioner

Ideal for a single Practitioner
with no additional staff

£10 per month


up to 4

£25 per month
inc VAT


up to 8

£40 per month


up to 25

£55 per month



It takes just a few moments to create you very own Physiodiary. You won't need a Credit Card and you will be under no obligation whatsoever to subscribe.

Once created you will be able to use your Physiodiary free of charge for up to 3 months.