All the tools and guidance to meet GDPR requirements
(at a discounted rate!)

We understand that GDPR is a concern for many physios and we are keen to support you through this compliance journey. Physiodiary, in itself, supports physios with GDPR compliance but this is not the complete solution to full GDPR complince.
For this reason, we have negotiated a special offer for Physiodiary users with Astrid, an online platform to help physios protect the patient data they hold and meet GDPR requirements.
Astrid has been developed with small businesses in mind, particularly those that handle sensitive data so we feel this would be a useful service for our clients. Aiming to remove the fear factor of GDPR, Astrid shows small and micro businesses where to start and provides the tools to make compliance affordable  and  as easy as possible.
We have been using Astrid ourselves for our GDPR compliance and we have found it an invaluable tool, it provides a comprehensive step-by-step approach that makes it easy to understand what action is needed to be taken. 
For more information visit Astrid – you can sign up online with the discount code PD18.